"I have travelled in Japan with Mika Takaki on 3 separate trips and each experience yielded some of the very best food experiences i have ever had. Japan offers cuisine so unique and wonderful to anyone who is a fan ...Read More

"I was heading to Tokyo for my first visit with the specific goal of eating local, native foods. Not speaking Japanese nor reading the language but craving and hoping for THE foodie experience I contacted Mika. I can say that ...Read More

"For the past couple of years, Japan has become my destination of choice. Given any excuse or opportunity, I head to Japan and specifically to Tokyo. Prior to finalizing my reservations, the first thing I do is email ...Read More

"Mika took our family of 4 (including our 11 and 14 year old sons) on a wonderful food tour of Tokyo. Not only did we eat delicious food, but we were treated to a local's view of the tourist ...Read More

"Mika is the perfect person to show you around and show you the best of the best of the Tokyo food scene. Some of the things we did: She took us to amazing restaurants--some were little places that you'd never ...Read More