We specialize in exposing our clients to authentic and unique Japanese food culture. Our goal is not just to expose people to food they might not usually have an opportunity to try, but to ensure you have a special experience you are unlikely to have on your own.

Country of a Rich Food History

Japan is a country with an incredibly rich food history and one that has always placed an emphasis on local and seasonal products. While fish has always been an integral part of the Japanese diet – there are approximately 3,000 varieties of fish eaten in Japan – there is much more to Japanese food than just sushi.

Discover Fascinating Food Culture

The goal of Tokyo Food Tours is to help you discover this fascinating food culture through the experience of eating many of these different cuisines and by visiting many of the unique markets and stores in Japan, the likes of which are found nowhere else in the world.

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Born in Nagasaki. Traveled and experienced culture through food all over the world. Mika recently lived in San Francisco, California and trained first at the renowned Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco, then with Nancy Oakes at the Boulevard Restaurant, followed by the further experience under caterer Paula LeDuc Fine Catering. Mika started her own catering business and taught at Tante Marie’s Cooking school. Now she has relocated to Tokyo, and works as a food coordinator, food consultant, catering planer and cooking teacher. Her passion for food never ends and she wants to introduce TRUE Japanese culture to people through food.