Spring has come. It’s a season of sakura, cherry blossoms. Now, you see cherry blossom everywhere, all over Japan. It’s one of the best time to visit Japan. In Japan, people really value and appreciate cherry blossoms more than any other flowers. ...Read More

Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market is one the largest fish markets in the world and, quite possibly, the busiest. The market, which is comprised of approximately 1,700 stalls, opens at 5:00 a.m. with the world-famous tuna auction and is busy all morning ...Read More

Everyone loves Izakaya! One of the most popular styles of restaurants in Japan, Izakaya restaurants have been opening in major cities all around the world. Izakayas are traditional drinking establishments or Inns in Japan where people go to ...Read More

Japan has a very rich food history which places an emphasis on seasonality and freshness. The highly evolved and diverse culinary options truly are a reflection of Japanese culture. There is no place that compares to Tokyo in ...Read More

We will start by exploring Asakusa, a wonderful example of old Tokyo, as known as for “shitamachi”. Shitamachi was the center of Edo, so much so that was often thought of and called with that name. The shitamachi got its ...Read More