"Mika is the perfect person to show you around and show you the best of the best of the Tokyo food scene. Some of the things we did: She took us to amazing restaurants--some were little places that you'd never find on your own. One was a restaurant that served only chicken--all parts of the chicken including raw chicken sashimi (would never have thought it but was very good!). We tried gizzards, cartiledge, livers, and my favorite, the tail of the chicken. One was an eel restaurant, served only eel, you cook it yourself to order on a charcoal stove on the floor in front of you. We went to a cool sake bar. We also went to one of the Michelin star restaurant, which is like the French Laundry of Tokyo, with a beautiful small plates prix fixe dinner. She took us to her favorite ramen stand, and soba restaurant. We toured the famous Tsukiji fish market early one morning. We went to the big department stores, which have whole floors devoted to food, as well as to the 'plastic food' stores. Mika herself is very fun and knowledgable about food and is an amazing chef and teacher.