Comments from our customers.

My husband and I spent a few days in Tokyo in the spring of 2010. It was our first trip to Japan. We love to eat, but we were afraid that between an inability to speak Japanese, the scant few days of our visit, the length of our “must try” list, Tokyo’s nearly impossible to navigate street numbering system and multitude of subway lines, and general fatigue from jet lag, we would not make the best use of our time. When I found Mika’s website, I knew it was the answer to our dilemma - how to cram the most authentic Japanese eating into the shortest amount of time.

Before our trip, Mika and I corresponded about what we would like to eat, and she helped me narrow down our list to three places, which turned out to be the maximum amount that our afternoon and the size of our stomachs could handle. She always responded promptly to my e-mails and sent me the final itinerary well before our trip.

We arrived in Tokyo in the evening, and were ready for our culinary tour the following morning at 11:00. Mika met us at our hotel, bringing us a lovely gift of freshly made Japanese sweets. We enjoyed kushiage at an historical inn, handmade soba at a traditional inn, and a late afternoon snack of monjayaki. The restaurants were charming and the food superb! In between, Mika showed us how to navigate the Tokyo subway system, took us to visit a local shrine, and entertained us with all manner of interesting information about food and life in Tokyo. She recommended a terrific non-touristy unagi restaurant near our hotel for dinner (which was exactly what we wanted - and delicious!) My special interest is in school food, and Mika gathered a lot of information about school meals in Japan for me, even providing me with typical school lunch menus which she translated (did I mention that her English is impeccable?)

Our experience eating our way across Tokyo with Mika truly exceeded our expectations. If you want a unique perspective on Tokyo food, or if, like us, you want to cram in the most varied and authentic eating experiences in the shortest amount of time, you won’t find anyone better qualified to assist you than Mika Takaki.

-- Dana, San Francisco, CA

"TokyoFoodTour is the secret to an unforgettable trip to Tokyo. Tokyo is a bewildering place even for the veteran traveler. It is hard even for Tokyo cab drivers to find their way in the maze of streets.
With TokyoFoodTour, we went to out-of-the way restaurants and markets that we never would have had a hope of finding on our own.
Mika Takaki lived in San Francisco for many years, and her English is perfect. If you love food, you won't find a better guide to the wonders of the most amazing food city in the world than TokyoFoodTour."

"I have travelled in Japan with Mika Takaki on 3 separate trips and each experience yielded some of the very best food experiences i have ever had. Japan offers cuisine so unique and wonderful to anyone who is a fan of extraordinary food, incredible seasonal cooking and simplicity as well as the most delicate, intricate and amazing flavors you can find anywhere in the world. I feel extremely lucky to have Mika at my side in Japan as these culinary experiences are relatively inaccessable to the average visitor with no japanese language skills and without a strong knowledge of the layout of Tokyo and Kyoto. Just getting around these incredible cities is a challenge that can be overwhelming. Left to my own devices, had i even known of some of these restaurants, which is unlikely, there is a high probability i never would have been able to locate them, or might have ended up at the wrong restaurant a block away or right next door.
Mika is an individual who will follow her craving for certain foods tenaciously, which i admire. The results so exceeded my expectations of amazing food experiences that i was complately convinced i was the luckiest (food obsessed) traveller in the country!
She has a very developed sense of taste and deep knowledge of her home country's cuisine which constantly inspires her to keep on top of new places and relentlessly revisit old favorites. Her repertoire of fabulous places to visit seems as inexhaustable as the the streets are numerous in Tokyo and every single restaurant, large or small, long established or as simple as moving cart late at night selling the best...whatever you feel like at midnight...was an amazing experience.
Not only the food dazzles in Japan, on many occassions the places we went to dine were some of the most stunningly beautiful settings or buildings i could imagine. It is incredible how the aesthetics of some of these jewels enhance the experience, not only of the food but of Japan as a whole. The amazing memories i have of small hidden gardens, simple shrines and incredible architecture were more often in some the lovely restaurants we visited than anywhere else. it is an integral part of my experience of Japan, i think, for me it is the largest part. And for this and many reasons i am so lucky to have Mika, not only as a food guide but she shows me so many things each time i visit. Whether i am looking at temples or art, streets that sell amazing cooking supplies, food halls or collecting the ceramics i love so much. She unlocks it all. To travel there without her, for me, would have been to miss some of the most amazing experiences i have ever had."

"I was heading to Tokyo for my first visit with the specific goal of eating local, native foods. Not speaking Japanese nor reading the language but craving and hoping for THE foodie experience I contacted Mika. I can say that every expectation was surpassed. We went to local food markets of all varieties and spoke with the vendors. We ate in small, local (and often hard to find) restaurants enjoying several types of cuisine. Mika provides several options, knows the scene, landscape and appreciates the Japanese Food Culture. The fact that Mika's English is perfect is a nice bonus. Mika lived and worked in the Food Industry in San Francisco for several years. You can feel and appreciate her passion for food, understanding a Westerner in Japan and communicates clearly. Mika, thank you, you made my trip to Japan the food experience I had hoped for and was unsure achievable."

"For the past couple of years, Japan has become my destination of choice. Given any excuse or opportunity, I head to Japan and specifically to Tokyo. Prior to finalizing my reservations, the first thing I do is email Mika to see if she will be available during my visit. Once I adjusted the dates of my trip to accommodate her availability.
Mika has "guided" me around Tokyo on my last four visits. I can say with all honesty, I would not have found many of restaurants, nor experienced all of the various dishes had I been on my own. Tokyo has numerous amazing restaurants where one can eat both traditional and modern cuisine. Most of these places are very small, hard to find, only Japanese is spoken and there are no English menus. As a result, when I have spent time in Tokyo on my own, I always feel I missed out on some great opportunities. All these experiences with Mika have proved more rewarding, more educational and more fun. Plus, she is fluent in both Japanese and English which opens many doors and provides you insight into the culture.
When Mika was planning our itineraries, she worked closely with me to ensure we did everything I wanted. She also offered suggestions she thought I might find interesting. Not surprising, her suggestions proved to be the most interesting, unusual, as well eye opening from a cultural and culinary perspective. Whether we were eating the most delicate and flavorful kushiage, a dojo nabe, chicken sashimi or drinking small production sakes at a local izakaya or sitting on the floor on an old Edo style restaurant scraping tuna sashimi off the bone with a clam shell, these have always been the culinary highlights of my trips.
Writing this makes me look forward to my next visit to Tokyo."

"Mika took our family of 4 (including our 11 and 14 year old sons) on a wonderful food tour of Tokyo. Not only did we eat delicious food, but we were treated to a local's view of the tourist sites and Tokyo history and culture. We have taken food tours in many cities, and Mika's tour is as good as any tour that we have encountered. You will have so much fun and eat new and amazing food."

"Mika is the perfect person to show you around and show you the best of the best of the Tokyo food scene. Some of the things we did: She took us to amazing restaurants--some were little places that you'd never find on your own. One was a restaurant that served only chicken--all parts of the chicken including raw chicken sashimi (would never have thought it but was very good!). We tried gizzards, cartiledge, livers, and my favorite, the tail of the chicken. One was an eel restaurant, served only eel, you cook it yourself to order on a charcoal stove on the floor in front of you. We went to a cool sake bar. We also went to one of the Michelin star restaurant, which is like the French Laundry of Tokyo, with a beautiful small plates prix fixe dinner. She took us to her favorite ramen stand, and soba restaurant. We toured the famous Tsukiji fish market early one morning. We went to the big department stores, which have whole floors devoted to food, as well as to the 'plastic food' stores. Mika herself is very fun and knowledgable about food and is an amazing chef and teacher.

"Mika's food tours are AMAZING! With only 36 hours in Tokyo we wanted to make the most of our time there and Mika helped make every minute delicious. From a traditional meal at a local izakaya (with the best artisanal sakes I'd ever tried) to soba noodles, cooked to perfection. We ate at fine dining establishments and small hole-in-the-wall joints and each and every bite was well thought out to match our interests. I can not wait to return to Tokyo with more time and another big appetite. I will, hands down, call Mika again! Truly the best."