We will start by exploring Asakusa, a wonderful example of old Tokyo, as known as for “shitamachi”. Shitamachi was the center of Edo, so much so that was often thought of and called with that name. The shitamachi got its name from the fact that it's the physically low part of the city next to Sumida river. Although not necessarily poor, it was inhabited by Edo’s lower classes, including craftsmen, fishermen, sailors and merchants. The area produced most of what was original in Edo's culture and was the entertainment and shopping center of the capital.

First, we will visit Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo. We will stroll Nakamise where you can find various kinds of street food you can try. After we visit the temple, we will have lunch at a traditional old Tokyo restaurant where you may eat dojo (baby eel like fish) at a historical inn, unagi (freshwater eel) or soba at tiny traditional restaurant. After lunch we will take a nice walk to Kappabashi, the restaurant and kitchen supply street where you will find Japanese ceramic stores, traditional bamboo goods stores, plastic food samples store and etc. You can enjoy shopping for your own kitchen or find perfect gift for your family and friends back home.

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