For centuries the traditional art and skill of candy pulling – AMEZAIKU was handed down from master to apprentice in Japan. This artistic skill is very delicate, requiring both a hands on learned knowledge of candy chemistry and of technical artistry. It is a very delicate skill and a difficult one to master. Designs must be done quickly, before the hot candy hardens and stiffens, causing it to shatters. The hot, soft candy is kneaded barehanded to soften the candy to the right temperature and hardness; the “candy puller” then pulls and stretches it into a rough shape. Once this is done, the use steel scissors to make fine cuts into the various forms to allow the candy to stretch further and give it its fine detailing. It is then made into the shape of an animal, a bird, or whatever the candy puller has in their mind. Working quickly and skillfully, the entire process takes only a minute or tow to complete.

To ensure the most authentic experience, this is a hands on class. You will actually make a candy sculpture under the guidance of the candy puller artist. This is a very unique and fun experience, one you can try only find in Japan.

After the class, we will take a leisurely walk to the very charming and historical Yanasen district. Yanasen is comprised of three neighborhoods, which give it its name: Ya (Yanaka), Ne (Nezu) and Sen (Sendagi). These neighborhoods are part of “historic Tokyo and still retain the atmosphere and charm of the Edo period.

Walking around Yanesen is a great way to observe and experience local life. As you wander along the small streets, you will see old temples, small traditional wooden houses, cozy old-style Izakaya and children playing in narrow alleys. This will be a very peaceful day in Tokyo.